Saturday, 8 May 2010


Well,in Greece , on wednesday, 4 human lives died because of some dangerous fumes from a bomb which was put in a bank.Actually there were 3 people who were working at that bank but one of them was a pregnant woman!All the TVs and radio's mentioned that archics put that bomb in the bank.In fact , there were no anarchics for this theme.Anarchics are not murderers!Everyone tries to turn anarchics and demonstrative people to the police.Police sucks...most of policemen\policewomen are really,reaally complex!!they are usually stupid people with no interests...they have killed many people.the murders were NOT done by anarchics . Some stupid children who put smth to cover up their faces ,they believe that they're anarchics and they're happy about it.These stupid,really stupid guys done smth wrong.They didn't want to kill those people.They knew that they were innocent.It was a stupid mistake!They thought that the people were a floor up from the floor which contained the bomb.That's the only mistake.If stupid greeks think that it was done by anarchics they'd better open a book and read some things about anarchics and tell them to their children.By now they're doing the opposite.
You all know that Greece is a really poor country.She should wait for 10 years ( the least) to become like she was 5 and ten years ago.Politicians caused this situation and now the poor but STUPID habitants of greece must pay for politicians' mistakes.They won't have money for their children to get educated,they will starve!That would be the best punishment for them!Greeks should learn that life is not easy!They haven't understand anything for thousands of years.All these years they were sending expensive songs to Eurovision(all fuckin suckers) and what about the Athen's Olympic Games at 2004???The smart people will survive..only one else, so the best solution for young children is to go abroad.We MUST go to luxemburg,norway,canada,australia,sweeden and german.This will be our future.Understand this!It won't be so difficult.Greece has nothing left to give.They islands will be bought in some years by German,so don't worry about the greeks ,sweet summers..everything will be taken...
Greeks should learn smth to touch them.She has a brilliant culture,philosophers(Socrates,Platwnas,Solwn etc)greece done a big revolution with determined people(kolokotronhs,Diakos etc) but all these people were sank because of some STUPIDS...most of greeks were,are and always will be ASSHOLES...i know my country very well although i'm very very very small...if Socrates learned all these things then,he had change country..i know that it's painful for us to listen to it but aceept it..don't tell lies to yourself for one more time...accept the true...WAKE UP!!

By JOCIE (potencie)

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