Friday, 7 May 2010

Nikolas Asimos - Giousouroum

Well,Nikolas Asimos is my FAVOURITE greek singer\writer ....the best of all...he was such a misunderstood man.altough he couldn't stand the behaviour of the other people , so in 1988 he was found hunged.Some musicians and friends were angry with Asimo's self-destruction.No one will never,never and ever understand him.This is my favourite song of him (i also love the songs:Mpagasas, Varethika(I'm bored). The lyrics of his songs , especially giousouroum's are trying to make us understand the world with Nikolas Asimo's eyes.Sorry but i was bored(:D) of trsanslating it in english so i used the google translation
my doors were without the gardens
and hinges hold the land

The shadows in my heels as pulleys
bucket and the anchor you
every so often changes uniforms
you change odor, you change chassis
and our hope is buried
like Dor Mes' to the crib

Froze the lice my faltering
with a ticking bleeds my ears
all in all a project plan
registered at love
and you want to succeed with a battery
one thousand florins, a thousand gold coins
to donate your good madonna
can 't have my love money

Rat for large
and cod liver oil for children
and wove underpants for soldiers
and sacrificed patriotic
Send your message with a tom tom
to cook with vitam
and you were a charmer she did bang
I look at the hammam

Empty gaze, empty our times
in aquariums chosan Life
anyone accustomed to the role of
and our imagination has been lost
dump in the flea market
a suit for a suit
dump in the flea market
a suit for a suit

A demonstration ten microphones
and loudspeakers at full blast
thousand bipeds with tape
and are bathed with the same lotion
sold out at the flea market
a suit for a suit
And you threw eaftoulis vzoum
taratatatzoum, taratatatzoum

Oh my time reminding Caesar
and are condemned to greet
both tilt and crawl to the four
wheeled to overtake
I leave to go get in Bangkok
my partner in King Kong
straight in my mind beating the Gogh
I look like a ball ping-pong

We perform with balls dom-dom
dom-dom bullets, bullets dom-dom
we sold out the flea market
taratatatzoum a suit

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